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  • Comment Link thangpu Wednesday, 24 September 2014 16:35 posted by thangpu

    hmàr te toh kuki te kibat na thil amau zat khak peuhmah amau original sa mawk dan uh ahi..ana theisiam un...rather we should celebrate our similarity...

  • Comment Link Valte Sam Tuesday, 09 April 2013 15:24 posted by Valte Sam

    Nalhlua..Paite Traditional Shawls te mi a i laksawn uh khatmah leng a omkei a, mite'n nalhsa a hon laksawn uh hizaw ahi..ei Paite te a diktak mah ahi chih theichiat ni.

  • Comment Link Hmar Pitar Wednesday, 03 April 2013 02:19 posted by Hmar Pitar

    Paite ruol...huh! Pakte!

  • Comment Link Tlangram Tlangval Monday, 01 April 2013 14:38 posted by Tlangram Tlangval

    Hahahahah Arpil Fool toh a kilawm mah mah ei,...
    Puanloupi, Ngotekhelh, Saipikhup, Thangnang, Mawngvom, Khamtang, Malpuan, Thasuahpuan etc na lei leh nanga ahi mai, Hi lele, Paite nam puan chi sangin Zomi/Mizo/Kuki nam puan hi leh....ka chi mai a..
    USA flag na lei le jong Paite Flag ahi tuan kei di.

  • Comment Link lalpaditsak Monday, 01 April 2013 10:37 posted by lalpaditsak

    A ropui ie HMAR ei lo tam baka...hahaha...

  • Comment Link Thanga :Hmar Khawbung Monday, 01 April 2013 07:42 posted by Thanga :Hmar Khawbung

    Yes, after purchasing it is yours. However, I don't think it is necessary to change the name. This shawl was given its own specific name by the inventor called "Ngotekher" not "Ngoutekhelh". When you buy Pulsar bike I don't think you guys rename it as Pulsalh. I don't say take it off from your website as it is yours after purchasing it. Request you to please change the name to its orginal. It is not that much necessary to pronounce the name correctly after having it. Don't be silly boy, its a higH time to wake up now.

  • Comment Link athax Sunday, 30 December 2012 18:25 posted by athax

    Who said Ngoutekhelh is not Paite Puan, it truly is. Those who claims that ngoutekhelh is not paite's rethink of it - the shirt you wear, the pants you wear, shoe, shock, and the list goes on all of them will not be(longs to) your's ? Why not give them/ return them back to the westerners, put on in you normal daily life what you can claims is your, what belongs to you (if so serious about originality) can you do that and clad with only what you think is yours originally? In that case you will be left with one traditional shawl for covering up your private part and rest of body will be reveal. Will it not be so terrific to think of it ?
    Ngoutekher is of Hmars and Ngoutekhelh is of Paite as simple as that. Instead of barking at some particulars site why not put them up at your own site whatever you thinks belongs to yours, and who cares.
    I am particularly sick of these ethnics lines comments, it's sprawl all over in every post of this particular site.

  • Comment Link PaiteZomi Saturday, 03 September 2011 02:57 posted by PaiteZomi

    Paite a le R zang om ahi.R zngten ki paite sk a achisiam loten bngziaka paite pau hisak lo mwk.leilok te kia paite ahikei..r neih le zat d ahi.

  • Comment Link Lun Thawmte Thursday, 01 September 2011 04:12 posted by Lun Thawmte

    @michael. we like your comments. keep them coming. I appreciate your patriotism. Why don't you also request the Mizo's not to use this "Ngotekher" in their bamboo dance performance, oops!

  • Comment Link michael Tuesday, 30 August 2011 19:27 posted by michael

    Hello Siam Naulak, you do talk decent, and all credit is yours. It is unfortunate though, that your acts prove to be indecent in your claim (and then denying the claim) of ownership regarding various Hmar traditional shawls uploaded in this sit including Ngotekher (despite whatever your disclaimer is claiming to disclaim). It is crystal clear that the site is about Paite nampuans.
    Please re-read (if possible re-write) your disclaimer which, as you have mentioned, goes- "The website considers the users of the respective attire to be the true owners". It certainly implies to all the readers that if a Paite wears a Hmar Puon such as Ngotekher, it becomes a Paite Puan which is not only an indecent and unacceptable claim (or disclaimer), but also irrational and non-sensical.
    It would mean that if I use one of your belongings such as a laptop, I can claim it to be my property. Would you honestly agree with my claim in such a situation?
    So, please regain your decency by acknowledging genuine propriety to the Hmar tribe regarding all the Hmar traditional wears uploaded in this site. For example, you may simply mention below a "Hmar Am" photo: "This is a Hmar traditional wear", and avoid communal plagiarism.
    It is not advisable to create unnecessary arguments and ill-feelings amongst us, who are traditionally and culturally close-knit, and cannot part each other's company in our day to day life by showing such indecency.
    No hard feelings brother; and I have to admit that the site's contents are impressively creative.

  • Comment Link Siam Naulak Monday, 29 August 2011 22:28 posted by Siam Naulak

    "If 'Ngotekhelh' is a Paite 'puan', the Hmars will never distort the term with an 'R' instead of 'L'..."

    Hi Michael, we never claimed that Ngoutekhelh is "Paite puan". Please read once again our disclaimer. The website considers the users of the respective attire to be the true owners.

    Siam Naulak

  • Comment Link Michael Sunday, 28 August 2011 03:37 posted by Michael

    Oh sorry, I didn't know that the Paites are Hmars. Objection overruled

  • Comment Link Michael Sunday, 28 August 2011 01:52 posted by Michael

    Be ethical. Stop 'extorting' other people's shawls to cover up your lack of authenticity and creativity. If 'Ngotekhelh' is a Paite 'puan', the Hmars will never distort the term with an 'R' instead of 'L'. Moreover, if it had been a Paite origin, it would have been called something like 'Ngoneukhelh'. It is a well known fact that the Hmars can very well pronounce both the alphabets 'R' and 'L', while the brethren Paites cannot, which has resulted in this unfortunate distortion of the creatively-designed Hmar original shawl named 'NgotekheR' into 'NgoutekheLh' in order to unethically claim it as a Paite shawl. Everything has a limit. Glad you like our shawl anyway.

  • Comment Link bk guite Monday, 04 July 2011 02:03 posted by bk guite

    analh lua :D

  • Comment Link JK Khawbung Monday, 11 April 2011 02:54 posted by JK Khawbung

    Mal Aam le... :P

  • Comment Link Lun Thawmte Monday, 04 April 2011 22:26 posted by Lun Thawmte

    @JK koilai hiam ah omven o...

  • Comment Link Siam Naulak Monday, 04 April 2011 16:47 posted by Siam Naulak

    Disclaimer a akigelh mah bang in PAU atuam dungzui in amin I sapdan kibang kimkhollou mai thei hi...

  • Comment Link JK Khawbung Monday, 04 April 2011 04:54 posted by JK Khawbung

    Ok..Thangsuahpuan la na koih kei uh a :P

  • Comment Link Mung Sunday, 03 April 2011 17:23 posted by Mung

    Khawbung hiai pen maw Paite te Ngoutekhelh ahi a... nalh nasa na maw ken le nalh kasa...

  • Comment Link JK Khawbung Sunday, 03 April 2011 15:34 posted by JK Khawbung

    Hmar te Ngoutekher toh kibang hia le hiai pen??


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